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Alcohol & Drug Partnerships

Bloodborne Viruses

BBV and STIs in Scotland – new 2016 report and a new data portal
An extensive report on the epidemiology of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhoea infections and related behaviours is being published by HPS today. The report focuses on the impact of interventions on preventing both infection and associated disease, and highlights the challenges ahead and some of the new preventative measures underway or in prospect.

The report is made available along with a new data portal, launching today, which has been developed by HPS in association with the Scottish Government, the Information Services Division of National Services Scotland and NHS boards.

The new portal gives access to an array of local and national data on bloodborne viruses (BBV), sexually transmitted infections and reproductive health in Scotland. Some, but certainly not all, of the data were already publicly available. This initiative however brings a wealth of information together in a format which should allow users to easily monitor Scotland’s progress nationally and locally against the government’s sexual health and BBV framework outcomes.

The report and portal are available via the HPS website here….

Hepatitis Scotland – National voluntary sector organisation helping to improve responses to viral hepatitis prevention, treatment and support.

Hepatitis C Scotland – Provides information on all aspects of HepC in Scotland including where to get help.

Hepatitis C Trust – The Hepatitis C Trust offers information, support, advocacy and representation for people affected by hepatitis C.

HIV-AIDS Carers & Family Support Group – Support and services to carers, families, partners, friends.

British Liver Trust – National charity for adult liver disease.

National AIDS Trust – A national policy development and campaigning organisation, covering HIV and AIDS.

HIV Scotland – A voluntary sector policy and support organisation, providing HIV information and advice.

Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland – Offers services to people living with HIV and strive to promote good sexual health to everyone.

Waverley Care – Providing support and information to people in Scotland living with, or affected by, HIV or Hepatitis C.

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Childhood Sex Abuse

In Care Survivors Service Scotland – A support service for adults who suffered childhood abuse while in care and their families. It offers help specifically for survivors of historic in-care abuse under a national framework of advocacy, mediation and counselling services.

The national confidential telephone support line is 0800 121 6027

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Children and Young People

ChildLine – is the UK’s free 24 hour counselling service for children and young people, available by phone on 0800 1111 and online. You can contact ChildLine about anything – no problem is too big or too small. If you’re feeling worried, scared, stressed or just want to talk to someone you can contact ChildLine. We’re here to offer information and support whenever you need us.

Choices for Life – Choices for Life is a new website aimed at teenagers, youth workers, teachers and parents which gives reliable information on issues including drugs and alcohol.

Fast Forward – A national voluntary organisation based in Edinburgh. It promotes health through education by, with and for young people, focusing on the prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco misuse.

YouthlinkScotland – Aims to support the development of high quality youth work services which promote the well-being and development of young people.

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Criminal Justice Services

Apex Scotland – National agency working with offenders, ex-offenders and young people at risk addressing employability needs.

SACRO – National agency safeguarding communities/reducing offending.

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Data Collection & Statistics

Drug Misuse Information Scotland (ISD) – Provides information statistics and research on drug use in Scotland.

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) – The website of the organisation established by the Scottish Executive to strengthen and co-ordinate health protection in Scotland.  It provides Information and statistics on communicable diseases including HIV and HCV.

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European / International sites

Correlation – A European network for social inclusion and health which works to improve the access to health and social services for social excluded people.

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction – Provides information on drugs and drug use in Europe.

European Harm Reduction Network (EuroHRN) – Has been formed by ten organisations with a shared interest in advocating for and sharing knowledge on harm reduction within Europe.

International Harm Reduction Association – Works with local, national, regional and international organisations to assist individuals and communities in the areas of public health advocacy, collaboration and communication, best practice, and education, research and training.

LINKSCH – a EU-funded academic research project. The project is researching the unintended consequences of counter-drugs policies in the EU.

Overdoselifesavers.org – A new website presenting personal experiences of opioid overdose and the use of take-home Naloxone to save lives.

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Families and Carers

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs – Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs exists to support those affected by the substance misuse of a loved one, because families need to recover too. We facilitate a Scotland-wide network of family support groups and run a helpline service.  Edward House, 199 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3EX. Telephone Helpline: 08080101011 or email helpline@sfad.org.uk.

FASS (Family Addiction Support Service) – Confidential support service to parents and family members in Glasgow affected by or concerned about someone’s alcohol or drug use. Tel  0141 420 2050.

Family Lives – A comprehensive telephone advice service (0808 800 2222) with dedicated staff and volunteers trained in kinship care issues.

ADFAM – Organisation exists to raise awareness about the problems faced by families affected by drugs and alcohol.

Families Outside – Acts as a voice for families affected by imprisonment in Scotland.

VOCAL (Voice of Carers Across Lothian) – Provides information, advice, support, counselling and advocacy to carers, former carers and anyone working with carers.

HIV-AIDS Carers & Family Support Group – Support and services to carers, families, partners, friends.

Families Anonymous – For relatives and friends concerned about the use of drugs or related behavioural problems.

Scottish Kinship Care Alliance: a national network of Kinship Care groups across Scotland.

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Health Education

NHS Health Scotland – Scotland’s national agency for health education,promotion,advice and information.

Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives – Includes information on drug testing and drug policies.

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Council for Information on Tranquillisers and Antidepressants (CITA)

Benzodiazepine Addiction Withdrawal and Recovery

Drugwise – Centre of expertise for England and Wales.

DS Daily – A daily drug and alcohol news service from Drugscope.

East West Detox Charity UK – offer a choice of holistic interventions for the prevention, treatment and recovery from addictions.

FEAD – Film Exchange on Alcohol and Drugs is an online resource that brings short video presentations from leading figures in the alcohol and drugs field.

HIT – Liverpool-based drugs information and training agency.

HRB National Drugs Library (Ireland) – a repository of Irish drug-related research and a range of other valuable material.

Know the Score – A network of drug-related organisations that provide information and advice on drug issues.

Release – Provides a range of specialist services to drugs users, family friends and professionals concering drugs and the law.

My Recovery My Choice – an educational initiative for drug users, their friends and family members aimed at empowering opioid-dependent people with good quality information to assist them in making educated decisions about their recovery.

Exchange Supplies – A social enterprise aiming to improve and prolong the lives of drug users by reducing drug related harm through the development and supply of effective equipment, resources and information exchange for drug users and drug workers and by providing employment and training for drug users.

Talking Drugs – To help people develop opinion on drugs policy – supported by Release.

UKDPC – The UK Drug Policy Commission is an independent body that provides objective analysis of the evidence concerning drug policy and practice – NO LONGER ACTIVE.

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Antidote – The UK’s only LGBT targeted drug and alcohol service.

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Other substances


Alcohol Concern – Works to reduce the incidence and costs of alcohol-related harm

Alcohol Focus Scotland – National voluntary organization for alcohol issues in Scotland.


Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Scotland – The leading voluntary organisation in Scotland tackling tobacco use

Volatile Substances

Educari – Information about volatile substances

Re-Solv – National charity solely dedicated to the prevention of volatile substance use

Solve It – Northamptonshire-based charity which provides education, training and awareness  for young people, parents, professionals and the community and young people on volatile substance misuse

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Peer Education

Fast Forward – A national voluntary organisation based in Edinburgh. It promotes health through education by, with and for young people, focusing on the prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco misuse.

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Recreational Drug Use

Crew – Information about how to reduce the risks involved in using drugs.

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LINKSCH – a EU-funded academic research project. The project is researching the unintended consequences of counter-drugs policies in the EU.

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Self Help/Mutual Aid

Addictions UK – Offer a Specialist Home-based Addictions Recovery Programme including detox.

Cocaine Anonymous Scotland – Contains information on meetings; stories of recovering users; a self-test for drug problems; information about its helpline; a downloadable poster and links to other sites.

Cocaine Anonymous UK

Counselling Directory – This is a free, confidential service for those looking for support or general advice about counselling.

Families Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous UK

Cannabis Help – Website which aims to enable users to cut down or stop using cannabis

Council for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction (CITA)

Peer Involvement EU –  Peer involvement website. Involves some key figures from INPUD (International Network of People who Use Drugs) and HRI (Harm Reduction International).

UK SMART Recovery  – Supports individuals who want to abstain from any type of addictive behaviour through a four-point programme using tools and techniques based on scientific evidence tel 0330 053 6022.

Scottish Recovery Consortium – A charity established to drive and promote Recovery for individuals, family members and communities affected by drugs across Scotland.

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Sexual & Reproductive Health

Quay Services – Services to women involved in prostitution in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Sexual Health Scotland – online Directory of Sexual Health Services in Scotland

Sexual Health Scotland – public health advice and information website

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Scottish Drugs Forum Workforce Development – Aims to improve the skills of professional staff addressing drug and alcohol use throughout Scotland.

Scottish Addiction Studies, University of Stirling – A teaching, information and research capacity within the Department of Applied Social Science on problem drug and alcohol issues.

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UK Drug Policy

Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs – The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) makes recommendations to government on the control of dangerous or otherwise harmful drugs, including classification and scheduling under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and its regulations.  ACMD is an advisory non-departmental public body of the Home Office.

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Alcohol and Drug Partnerships

Aberdeen City Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Vacant

Alcohol and Drug Development Co-ordinator – Simon Rayner
Aberdeen City ADP
Fulton Clinic
Cornhill Hospital
Aberdeen  AB25 2ZH
tel: 01224 557871
email: simon.rayner@nhs.scot

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Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Jackie Knight
email: Jackie.Knight@scotland.pnn.police.uk

ADP Lead Officer and Support Team Manager – Wayne Gault
Aberdeeshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Summerfield House
Eday Road
Aberdeen  AB15 6RE
tel: 01224 558511
email: wayne.gault@nhs.scott

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Angus Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Bill Troup
email: billtroup@nhs.net

Senior Planning Officer – Laura Kerr
Angus Alcohol & Drug Partnership
St Margaret’s House
Orchard Loan
Forfar  DD8 1WS
tel: 07880084361
email: KerrL@angus.gcsx.gov.uk

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Argyll and Bute Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – John Owens
email: john.owens2@nhs.net

ADP Co-ordinator – Craig McNally
Argyll & Bute Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Blairbuie Road
Lochgilphead  PA31 8LD
tel: 01546 604948
email: craigmcnally@nhs.net

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Borders Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Dr Tim Patterson
email: tim.patterson@borders.scot.nhs.uk

ADP Co-ordinator – Susan Elliot
Scottish Borders Alcohol & Drug Partnership
c/o Safer Communities
Scottish Borders Council HQ
Newton St Boswells  TD6 0SA
tel: 01835 825900
email: susan.elliot1@borders.scot.nhs.uk

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Clackmannanshire & Stirling Alcohol & Drug Partnership

Chair – Wendy Forrest
email: forrestw@stirling.gov.uk

Lead Officer – Vacant

Dumfries & Galloway Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Penny Halliday
email: penny.halliday@nhs.scot

ADP Co-ordinator – Jackie Davies
Dumfries & Galloway Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Lochar WestUpdate
Crichton Hall
Glencaple Road
Dumfries  DG1 4TG
tel: 01387 244023
email: Jackie.Davies@nhs.scot

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Dundee City Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Simon Little
email: simon@kinbank.org

Co-ordinator – Vered Hopkins
Dundee City Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Floor 2, Dundee House
50 North Lindsay Street
Dundee  DD1 1NF
tel: 01382 434087
email: Vered.hopkins@dundeecity.gov.uk

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East Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Neil Kerr
email: kerrs7@btinternet.com

Co-ordinator – Liam Wells
East Ayrshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership
East Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership
Civic Centre North
19 John Dickie Street
Kilmarnock   KA1 1HW
tel: 01563 555353
email: liam.wells@east-ayrshire.gov.uk

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East Dunbartonshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – David Aitken
email: David.Aitken@eastdunbarton.gov.uk

ADP Co-ordinator – Lynsay Haglington
East Dunbartonshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership
East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership
Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre
10 Saramago Street
Kirkintilloch  G66 3BF
tel: 0141 777 3000 ext. 3082
email: lynsay.haglington@eastdunbarton.gov.uk

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East Renfrewshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Julie Murray
email: Julie.murray@eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk

Lead Planner (Recovery Services) – Tracy Butler
East Renfrewshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership
East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership
Eastwood Health & Care Centre
Drumby Crescent
Clarkston  G76 7HN
email: tracy.butler@eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk

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Edinburgh City Alcohol and Drug Partnership
Website: www.edinburghadp.co.uk

Chair – Vacant

ADP Support Team Leader/Co-ordinator – David Williams
Edinburgh City Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Level 1.7
Waverley Court
East Market Street
Edinburgh  EH8 8BG
tel: 0131 553 8217
email: david.williams@edinburgh.gov.uk

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Falkirk Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Martin Thom
email Martin.Thom@falkirk.gov.uk

Development Officer – Ruth McDonald
Falkirk Council Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Policy, Technology & Improvement
Falkirk Council Municipal Buildings
West Bridge Street
Falkikr  FK1 5RS
tel: 01324 506186
email: ruth.mcdonald@falkirk.gov.uk

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Fife Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Kathy Henwood
e-mail: Kathy.henwood@fife.gov.uk

ADP Policy Co-ordinator – Elizabeth Butters
Fife Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Brunton House
318 High Street
Cowdenbeath  KY4 9QU
tel: 03451 555 555 Ext: 446154
email: elizabeth.butters@fife.gov.uk

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Forth Valley Alcohol Strategic Co-ordination
Website: www.forthvalleyadp.org.uk

Chair – Graham Foster
email: graham.foster@nhs.net

Co-ordinator – Elaine Lawlor
Forth Valley Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Administration Area 5
Stirling Community Hospital
Stirling  FK8 2AU
tel: 01786 454764
email: elaine.lawlor@nhs.scot

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Glasgow City Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Jacqueline Kerr
email: jacqueline.kerr@glasgow.gov.uk

Co-ordinator – Gillian Ferguson
Glasgow City Alcohol & Drug Partnership
32 Albion Street
Glasgow  G1 1LH
tel: 0141 276 6628
email: gillian.ferguson@glasgow.gov.uk

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Highland Alcohol and Drug Partnership
Website: www.highland-adp.org.uk

Chair – Elisabeth Smart
email: Elisabeth.smart@nhs.scot

ADP Co-ordinator/Development Officer – Debbie Stewart
Highland Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Larch House
Stoneyfield Business Park
Inverness  IV2 7PA
tel: 01463 704608
email: deborah.stewart2@nhs.scot

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Inverclyde Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Louise Long
email: louise.long@inverclyde.gov.uk

ADP Co-ordinator – Andrina Hunter
Inverclyde Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Hector McNeil House
7-8 Clyde Square
Greenock  PA15 1NB
tel: 01475 715284
email: Andrina.Hunter@inverclyde.gov.uk

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Midlothian & East Lothian Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Alison White
email: alison.white@midlothian.gov.uk

Support Team Manager – Martin Bonnar
East Lothian Council
F28-29, 1st Floor, Brunton Hall
Ladywell Way
Musselburgh  EH21 6AF
tel: 0131 653 5160
email: mbonnar@eastlothian.gov.uk

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Moray Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Simon Bokor-Ingram
email: Simon.Bokor-Ingram@moray.gov.uk

Team Co-ordinator – Paul Johnson
Moray Alcohol & Drug Partnership
11 North Guidry Street
Elgin  IV30 1JR
tel: 07967748852
email: paul.johnson@moray.gov.uk

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North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Billy Brotherstone
email:  billybrotherston@north-ayrshire.gov.uk

Lead Officer – Rosemary White
North Ayrshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Health & Social Care Partnership
5th Floor West
Cunningham House
Irvine  KA11 8NN
tel: 01294 315307
email: rosemarywhite@north-ayrshire.gov.uk
website: www.naadp.com

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North Lanarkshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership

Chair: Morag Dendy
email: dendym@northlan.gov.uk

Development Officer (North Lanarkshire) – Paul Campbell
Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP), North Lanarkshire
Coathill Hospital
Administration Building
Hospital Street
tel: 01236 707796
email: Paul.Campbell@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

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Orkney Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – John Trainor
email: john.trainor@nhs.net

ADP Substance Misuse Development Officer – Katie Spence
Orkney Alcohol & Drug Partnership
The Clinical Skills Building
The Parlour
Foreland Road
Kirkwall  KW15 1NZ
tel: 01856 888108
email: Katie.Spence@nhs.scot

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Perth & Kinross Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Clare Mailer
email: CMailer@pkc.gcsx.gov.uk

ADP Development Officer – Liam McLaughlin
Perth & Kinross Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Pullar House
35 Kinntouill Street
Perth  PH1 5GD
tel: 01738 476966
email: LJMcLaughlin@pkc.gov.uk

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Renfrewshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership
Website: www.renfrewshireadp.co.uk/home.aspx.

Chair – David Leese
email: David.leese@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Planning & Development Officer – Donna Reid
Renfrewshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Renfrewshire House
Third Floor
Cotton Street
Paisley  PA1 1AL
tel: 0141 618 4563
email: Donna.Reid@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

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Shetland Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Chief Inspector Lindsay Tulloch
email: lindsay.tulloch@scotland.pnn.police.uk

Drug & Alcohol Development Officer – Wendy McConnachie
Shetland Islands Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Health Improvement Department
Lerwick  ZE1 0NT
tel: 01595 744301
email: wendy.mcconnachie@nhs.net

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South Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Elaine Caldow
email: Elaine.Caldow@aapct.scot.nhs.uk

ADP Co-ordinator – Faye Murfet
South Ayrshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership
County Buildings
Wellington Square
Ayr  KA7 1DR
tel: 01292 612147
email: faye.murfet@south-ayrshire.gov.uk

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South Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Liam Purdie
email: liam.purdie@southlanarkshire.gov.uk

ADP Co-ordinator  (South Lanarkshire) – Carol Chamberlain
South Lanarkshire ADP
South Lanarkshire Council HQ
9th Floor, Almada Street
Hamilton  ML3
tel: 01698 453714
email: carol.chamberlain@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

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West Dunbartonshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Sylvia Chatfield
email: Sylvia.chatfield@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

ADP Health Improvement Lead – Vacant
West Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership
Aurora House
Aurora Avenue
Queens Quay
Clydebank  G81 1BF
tel: 01389 776875
email: WDADP@west-dunbarton.gov.uk

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Western Isles Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Chair – Gordon Jamieson
email: gordon.jamieson@nhs.net

ADP Co-ordinator – Mustapha Hocine
tel: 01870 602588
email: colin.gilmour@nhs.scot

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West Lothian Alcohol & Drug Partnership

Chair – Nick Clater
email: nick.clater@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

ADP Contact – Deborah McAlpine
Business Support, Social Policy
Level 1, Civic Centre
West Lothian Council
Howden South Road
EH54 6FF

tel: 01506 281064
email: Deborah.McAlpine@westlothian.gov.uk

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