Recovery Orientated Systems of Care in focus in Inverclyde

Scottish Drugs Forum’s National Quality Development (NQD) team have supported organisations in Inverclyde to review the status of Recovery Orientated Systems of Care (ROSC) in the area – culminating in an event for local partner organisations.

Inverclyde Alcohol and Drug Partnership (IADP) and Inverclyde Health and Social Care Partnership (IHSCP) have been carrying out work with SDF’s NQD team to review the implementation of ROSC in the area.

A ROSC is a co-ordinated network of all services and supports that build on the strengths and resilience of individuals, families and communities to improve the health and quality of life of people with alcohol and drug problems.

The event, held on Tuesday the 30th of October, brought together multiple partner organisations in the area and heard feedback from service consultations carried out during a mapping process.

Groups were given the opportunity to reflect on how ROSC is currently implemented within Inverclyde and what changes could be made to have a fully integrated system between partner organisations.

Organisers were also delighted to have Craig McNally, Argyll and Bute ADP Lead and Samantha Stubbs, Third Sector Interface, speak about the process of ROSC review Argyll and Bute had successfully implemented with the assistance of the NQD team earlier this year, and the benefits that going through the process has brought.

SDF would like to thank all partner organisations for their attendance and IADP and IHSCP for their participation.

The NQD team are continuing to make a huge impact across Scotland by ensuring service quality for people who need support for drug or alcohol problems and similar ROSC review and development work is scheduled to take place across Renfrewshire and Angus ADPs in the coming months.

ADPs who are keen to review the implementation of ROSC in their area are encouraged to get in touch with SDF’s National Quality Development Manager, Bruce Thomson, on 0141 221 1175 or via