Calls for political leadership on multiple needs

The Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) coalition has published a report that calls for political leadership on tackling the multiple needs of vulnerable people.

The publication ‘Multiple needs: time for political leadership’ sets out to highlight the action that can be taken by the UK Government to tackle homelessness, problematic substance use, mental ill health and persistently high re-offending rates – whilst viewing the issues as connected.

In the publication, MEAM ask the Government to:

  1. Commit: Show leadership as a Government in tackling both the causes and consequences of multiple needs
  2. Collaborate: Take a collaborative approach across government so that every department is working together to address multiple needs, modelling the approach that local areas have shown can work
  3. Challenge: Set a clear expectation that every local area must take effective action to support people with multiple needs.
  4. Invest: Make sure flexible funding is available that encourages services to work together and allows them to respond to local needs.

The report states that the Government must seek to transform the UK’s response to multiple needs: both by tackling the issues people experience today, and by seeking to prevent them from developing in the first place.

Click here to view the report in full.