New Scottish care standards to come into force in April 2018

New care standards, published by the Scottish Government in June last year, will come into force in April 2018.

The Health and Social Care Standards set out what people should expect when using health, social care or social work services in Scotland.

The new standards are relevant across all health and social care provision. They are no longer just focused on regulated care settings but for use in health and social care, as well as in early learning and childcare, children’s services, social work and community justice.

The Standards seek to provide better outcomes for all people using services and to ensure that individuals are treated with respect and dignity and that their basic human rights are upheld.

The Standards are underpinned by five principles; dignity and respect, compassion, be included, responsive care and support and wellbeing.

The Standards are based on five headline outcomes:

  • I experience high quality care and support that is right for me.
  • I am fully involved in all decisions about my care and support.
  • I have confidence in the people who support and care for me.
  • I have confidence in the organisation providing my care and support.
  • I experience a high quality environment if the organisation provides the premises.

The Scottish Government have launched a website which contains helpful information, and also hosts this useful document for those seeking more information –  Frequently Asked Questions