Highlights of the past year showcased in SDF’s Annual Review for 2017/18

Scottish Drugs Forum are delighted to share our Annual Review for 2017-18, which has been published and is available to view online.

The review includes SDF’s Chair and CEO reports, highlights of the past year from a variety of SDF work streams, as well as a focus on the national aspect of the work carried out.

The document explores our work in peer involvement, the Addiction Worker Training Project (AWTP), responses to bacterial and viral infection, the National Naloxone Programme, sexual and reproductive health, workforce development and much more.

We’re proud of the variety of expertise we have at SDF and encourage stakeholders to engage with us if any of the projects you read about are relevant to your work.

A particular highlight included in the review was the publication of two seminal research reports by SDF, which focused on people over 35 with drug problems in Scotland. The findings from these reports – a culmination of two years work – have contributed to the field’s understanding of the current substance use context in Scotland and have informed SDF’s current drug-death prevention work.

SDF’s CEO, David Liddel, said:

“The range and reach of SDF’s work continues to develop and grow, which is a tribute to the work of the staff team, the quality of the work delivered and the trust that funders continue to place in us.”

“The depth of SDF’s work in the last year cannot be fully accounted for here, but this is an opportunity to outline some of that work and thank the people and organisations with whom we have worked.”

SDF thank our staff, volunteers and Board for their hard work and commitment, as well as thank our funders for their contributions, and all the partners we have been fortunate enough to work with over the past year.

We hope you enjoy reading it.

Click here to view the report online via flipbook format

Click here to download the report in PDF format