Evaluation of the Scottish Needle Exchange Workers Forum released

The Scottish Needle Exchange Workers Forum aims to bring frontline staff together, who work in or have an interest in injecting equipment provision in Scotland.

The forum meets three times a year, with participants attending from all over Scotland.

The Forum gives frontline staff the opportunity to:

  • Share their experience, discuss challenges and highlight examples of good practice in their area
  • Discuss local trends and gain a national perspective
  • Influence policy and practice development from the frontline up
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest in Needle Exchange and Harm Reduction in general
  • Network with, and received support from their peers
  • Highlight training needs.

It is important that the meetings are deemed effective by attendees, and therefore a survey evaluation is used every two years to gather participant feedback. The most recent Scottish Needle Exchange Workers Forum survey results for 2015 can be found here.

The next Scottish Needle Exchange Workers Forum will take place on Monday 21st November, 11am – 3pm. The venue will be Scottish Drugs Forum’s office, 91 Mitchell Street, Glasgow.

If you have previously registered with the Scottish Needle Exchange Workers Forum, please click here and you will be able to book your place.

If you and/or someone in your organisation are not engaged with the forum and are interested in doing so, then please contact SDF’s National Training and Development Officer for Harm Reduction and Emergency Responses, Emma Hamilton, at emma@sdf.org.uk