Ensuring everyone who can vote is registered

Scottish Drugs Forum are encouraging everyone who is eligible, to register to vote for the upcoming election on June the 8th 2017.

Services can assist people who attend their service to register through following the below instructions.

Registering to vote has never been easier

People need to provide their name, date of birth and ideally their national insurance number on their application. If people do not have an NI number, they may be asked for ID which, if there is no available photo ID, can include an official letter from e.g. NHS, Housing etc or letter of confirmation from a project you are in touch with and can verify your identity.

If a person has a current residential address

If a person has a current residential address – even if they are living there temporarily – then they can use this address. These would include properties such as:

– A temporary furnished flat
– Bed & Breakfast Accommodation
– Hostel
– Emergency Accommodation

If a person is rough sleeping

If a person is rough sleeping, they can give details of where they spend a substantial part of their time including if this is a support project they are in touch with. They can also include the location of where they normally sleep rough e.g. address of shop doorway etc and then they can use a project address or friend/family address that they are in touch with as correspondence address.

If a person is in temporary accommodation or homeless, this the form that can be filled in.

It can then be scanned and emailed or hand-delivered to a local electoral office by 11.59pm on Monday 22nd of May. They can also do it over the phone by calling their local electoral office, and a person can receive support to do this also.  Your local office can be found here.

If people are in a permanent address they can fill in online here or by paper via this form and hand deliver it to a local elector.