Public Health Officials Issue HIV Warning

HIV Virus Banner

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Public Health officials have issued a warning to all those who are injecting drugs to protect themselves and those around them as the number of new HIV infections in this risk group have increased significantly since last year.

There are on average 115 new cases of HIV in Greater Glasgow and Clyde each year, the majority being sexually transmitted. The number of cases thought to be transmitted through injection drug use is on average ten new cases per year, but this year there have been 17 cases so far.

The number of new HIV infections in people who have a history of injecting drugs in 2015 has exceeded the total of new infections for the whole of 2014.

Officials have issued three key messages:

– If injecting, use clean fresh equipment and never share;
– Use a condom for sex;
– Take an HIV test.

For more information, you can read the warning in full here.